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Hotel Pabitrajamuna located at New Digha Sea Beach Road, Digha West Bengal near Jahaj Building Gbt is a Standard holiday destination on the Eastern Side of India. It offers a spectacular view of the Digha Sea and Beach.

At Hotel Pabitrajamuna you will discover a hidden paradise which isn't hard to find, but is so hard to leave and even harder to forget. Located in the picturesque Digha Sea Beach, Hotel Pabitrajamuna sits atop a small cliff with a spellbinding view of the natural and beautiful whether and sea.

Hotel Pabitrajamuna stands on beautiful location with 36 rooms with modern architecture, spacious interiors, exquisite artifacts and an atmosphere which spells discreet elegance is what sums up the hotel. Be it your leisure tour, an exhibition, social or corporate event, the facilities here are engineered to serve the best of guests’ need and comfort. We invite you to come and discover a holiday memories with friends, family and relatives. Ideal place to celebrate occasions having the toast by the bay. milestones to its credit.